Thursday, November 16, 2006

Photoshop arrives!!!

This week I had my first real experience with Adobe Photoshop and so far it seems to be quite a good and efficient package to use. It is really interesting to see how simply changing a file format and optimising an image makes such an impact on the file size.

As this is the industry standard application and is a program that is going to be used quite a lot throughout this course I am quite apprehensive about using it and hope that I will be able to use it to the required standard. However judging by what I have done on it so far which is more or less limited to this afternoon I am quite confident that I will be able to handle it.

The Image Compression Report was also introduced this week and this has proved to be an extremely time consuming task, bearing in mind the word limit of 500-1000 words it has also proved to be quite a difficult task and one currently that I cannot wait to get out of the way!

In our group feedback sessions this week we talked about where everybody was at and I was quite relieved to see that I seem to be keeping on top of everything. This was one of my key aims when we changed to doing two assignments at the same time. As we are now fast approaching the half way mark of the assignments I am happy that I have been able to juggle the workload efficiently so far and hope that I will be able to do this until the deadline.

As I have planned to complete the dreaded compression report by this time next week I am certainly going to have a lot to do in the coming week.


Mirhad said...

Don't worry about Photoshop, its a bit daunting for everyone at first but once you get familiar with it, you'll love it, i know i do....

Very Mature Student said...

I agree with Mirhad. Photoshop is the most versatile programme of them all.

If you only had this one programme on your PC you can (at a push) create flyers, design business cards, retouch, create colour, use guides, page layout and even do websites.

It is only limited by it's lack of multi-paging and basic text formatting.

I remember seeing it for the first time at Fuji in London in the 90's, we were blown away by this 'modern magic'

Welcome to the church of Adobe Ben.

scott said...

The compression exercise may seem a little tedious but I think it does help in some ways, the repetition of a task and seeing the results may help to predict the outcome, so you will be saving time in the future!

Julian Dyer said...

I think we will find it more relevant when we start creating websites. Then we will have to judge for real what is an acceptable file size/image quality.

Trying to keep our sites below 40 or 50 kilobytes will be quite a challenge, I believe.

James said...

I'm a bit worried about Photoshop. Even though I have used it in the past, it's not something I use regurlarly enough.

I have downloaded a trial and keep having a go with it now and then to self teach myself a bit.