Thursday, November 30, 2006

Getting to grips with Photoshop!!!

This week has been quite productive and I feel that as we are now past the half way mark of the assignments I am quite happy to see that some aspects are coming together.

The web content section for the back to basics project was finally completed this week and although it was quite a repetitive task and proved to take much longer than I expected it seems to be the last piece of heavy written work for a while. I feel that it was a beneficial exercise as it allowed me to research into things that I would not necessarily have looked at otherwise. To improve on this I could have spent more time researching into a wider range of definitions but this may have taken up too much valuable time. If I were to do this again I feel that I would be much more confident as I now have a wider knowledge of these terms so will not have to do as much research into them.

I had my first real detailed experience with Adobe Photoshop this week as on Thursday we were handed the Image Restoration task. When Steve was going through what we would be doing I was thinking that this would be a nice creative task to do and that it should not be too difficult. This could not have been further form the truth however as I found some aspects of it quite a struggle and it proved to be a very monotonous and quite time consuming task. Steve also stated that some people may have to start this again when he has a look at these next week, this may not be such a bad thing though as hopefully he will be able to give me some advice on how I can improve it and my work should be better as a result.

I feel that as I have never really done anything like this before I was always going to find it difficult but I did not understand just how much time and effort it would take to do this exercise. I am however confident that as I progress through the course I will become much more familiar with the program and if I were to do this task again I would not find it so complicated.


DREW said...

I think you are totally right about the research Ben, I think that now I have a basic understanding of these terms I would be able to gain a better understanding much quicker should I look into the subjects again.

Craig Burgess said...

Stick with Photoshop Ben, it's an amazing tool.

It never fails to astound me just how much you can do with it.

Marc Pugh said...

I found it really hard to use when I used it the first time to creae that ring....Now i'v had the tutorial with Steve I feel that I can use it with more ease.

the only bad thing was that the program crashed about 10 mins before we finished...I lost a lot of work. Although it was my fault for not saving it regularly

J.Milsom said...

Before I had the tutorial I didn't have the slightest idea how to do anything, but when I learnt a few tools I found the image restoration pretty good. I was amazed at what we were doing. I'd a thought it would of been a lot more complicated