Friday, November 10, 2006

Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity!!!

This week has been quite hectic because along with doing the two assignments I also managed to resubmit my A2 assignment. I was quite relieved to get this out of the way so that I could concentrate more on the other two assignments but I just hope that I have got everything to the correct standard. I certainly will be pretty nervous over this next week leading up to receiving my final mark for the project. For these next two assignments I hope that I will be able to hand them in to the required standard first time round so I do not have to worry as much!

On Wednesday morning we had a lecture about CRAP, this was however quite an important lecture and I will have to make sure that I can remember Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity as these are key principals which I will need to take into consideration as I progress through the course. I think that it will be quite a challenge to start using terms such as these commonly but I feel that it will eventually all sink in and I will be able to be confident in using these terms.

Our group feedback meeting was also beneficial on Thursday as there were quite a few things that I was worrying about and wanted clarification on. It turns out that I have not made such a mess on The Designers Republic essay as I had thought! Steve also seemed impressed that all of us had our time plans and were able to say what we would be doing in any given week. I think that we do work well as a group as we do talk about things together not only in the feedback sessions but also in lesson as well. I feel that we are all helping each other along and this can only be beneficial as we progress through each assignment.

Deadlines are coming thick and fast and with competitive analysis and delivery requirements to be completed by this time next week there is certainly a lot to be getting on with!


Jamie Wood said...

Glad to hear you managed to find time to keep you work upto date and resubmit the last assignment, hope you have past this time.

Luke Parker said...

Hi Ben

Remember me?
I might look a little different than I did in high school.

Proximity, Repetition Alignment and Contrast. Words that are forever etched in my mind. Those words just get stuck in your head, but it gets worse when you start criticising pieces of design you just come across even when you don’t want to.

I was talking with Steve and he recommended that I go and visit the first year’s blog entries and leave comments. I was surprised when I saw your name on the list.