Friday, November 03, 2006

Double Trouble!!!

This week has certainly been eventful with the introduction of two new assignments, receiving feedback about my previous assignment and the fact that I fainted and fell on Marc during Thursday morning’s lesson! This was quite worrying at the time as I didn’t have a clue what had just happened when I got up but I am feeling fine again now though.

On Wednesday morning the results for the previous assignment were posted on the wall and I was quite disappointed that although I had passed one of the units I had a referral for the other. When I received feedback from Steve and realised that it was only a small thing that I did not do I was even more disappointed with myself and I will certainly not be making the same mistake twice! I think that the whole experience has brought me back down to earth a little bit after having last week off to relax and will definitely be beneficial for future assignments.

The introduction of the two new assignments also occurred this week and with the amount of time given to complete them my time management skills are certainly going to be put to the test. As last term was just solely concentrating on one assignment this is certainly going to be a bit of a juggling act but I am quite optimistic that I will be able to cope efficiently with this.

The fact that we will be studying assignments on separate days will undoubtedly lead to less class time on each project than I am used to, bearing this in mind I am going to have to really try hard with my self study but I am however looking forward to the challenge. On Wednesday’s we are now going to be concentrating on “A3 Back to BASICS” which is pretty similar to our previous assignment and on Thursday’s we will be concentrating on “A4 Picture This”, this involves predominantly using Adobe Photoshop which is an application that I have very little experience in. I am however sure that as before with Adobe PageMaker Steve will give us sufficient knowledge about the program so that we can complete the tasks effectively. I am also eager to learn how to use this piece of software as Steve has stated that this is recognised by industry professionals as the tool that is most commonly used.

This week’s group feedback session was also helpful as we are now in new groups. This has allowed me to interact more with different people who I may not have done so if they were not in my group. It also allowed me to see just what is needed to be done in terms of improving my sketchbook and creating a broader planning form encapsulating the whole of the two assignments. I feel that this will be advantageous as I progress through the project as I will be able to see if I am keeping up to date with the workload.


Chris said...

Glad to know you are feeling fine now Ben, But if you ever pass out again you know Scott is a qualified medic! Just come around quick before he gives you mouth to mouth!

Richard said...

I think falling behind with the work load is also one of my main concerns now we have two assignments. But im sure if we keep talking about our work both in feedback sessions and on blogger we will be fine.

Jamie Wood said...

Good to know you are ok Ben, how it was a one off gave us all a fright. I must say falling behind must be a worry for everyone.

Julian Dyer said...

I think everyone has a fear of falling behind. The hardest part is definetly getting started, but once you have got over this hurdle it’s actually an enjoyable process. The anticipation is worse than the reality of doing work.

Balance is the key, try doing some of the more (boring) academic work, and then do something a bit lighter, like some creative work for your sketchbook, or some "cutting and sticking" of things you find inspirational.

Marc Pugh said...

Remember to add James Sherrif to your peers list