Wednesday, October 31, 2007

3 Personal Tracks

Piccadilly Palare – Morrissey
In the summer I went on holiday to Bulgaria, before I went I bought the book “Morrissey: Scandal and Passion”. I usually buy new books before a holiday but hardly ever actually read them! This was different though because I picked up the book on the first day of the holiday and hardly ever put it down until I finished it. Now whenever I hear a Morrissey or Smiths song I immediately think back to being sat on the beach back in Bulgaria.

I Wanna Be Adored – Stone Roses
This summer me and my friends finally went on a lad’s holiday after planning to do so for the last few years. As this was our first time we were recommended to go to Magaluf. Magaluf is dominated by quite a lot of dance clubs and there are only a few places that offer something different. Because of this we spent quite a lot of time in Mulligan’s Indie Club. When we were in here it seemed that this song was played all the time so brings back some good memories!

Milk – Kings Of Leon
This is one of my favourites because it is by a band that I have been listening to quite a lot recently. When I went to Leeds Festival in the summer they were definitely the best band I saw over the weekend. I wasn’t really a big fan of them before but thought that they were really good live. When I got back from Leeds one of the first things I did was to buy their album and I have since bought all of their albums. As with the other two song selections this song also brings back good memories. This reminds me of being at Leeds Festival with all my friends in the middle of summer.


scott said...

Nice choice of tunes Ben, I bought the first Kings of Leon album, I really like the track called Trani.

I had a quick listen to the Milk track on the itunes preview but you only get a snippet. Does it build up at all or is it quite a slow track?

As for Morrissey, at the time when the Smiths were really popular I really disliked them, Morrissey especially, with his love of flowers hanging out of his back pocket.

But "How Soon is Now?" is an absolute classic, the band definitely had an influence on the music that followed.

Ben Waller said...

Thanks Scott, Trani is probably my favourite on the first album. If you liked the first album you would definitely like the second too. Milk is a very slow track but builds up slightly the more the song goes on. "How Soon is Now?" is a classic and it was probably this song that got me into The Smiths in the first place.