Thursday, November 01, 2007

Design Feedback - Crazy Firehouse

For part of the A11 On the Job assignment I have recently created 3 rough digitised designs. We will shortly be presenting these to the client so that she can choose the most appropriate one. Before we do this however I would like to get as much feedback as possible. I would appreciate any comments you wish to make. Thank you.


Marc Pugh said...

Nice design work Ben
I am not a fan of 3 column websites but I could do with the practice of designing with three columns. I do like idea 2. The fireman icon really goes well with the firehouse theme.

Don't you think we will have problems with fitting in all the content into smaller columns? We had some scrolling issues with our current 2 column layout.

Richard said...

I prefer the second idea with the yellow stripe for the links it gives me the impression of a fire engine without the colours blinding you.

I like the way you have used the images I created in the first design, I didnt see them as links at all but I think it would work well.

I think the designs are a little boxey again though and I agree with Marc that, that was an issue with our last design. Maybe we dont need the red block of colour at the bottom of each page. If this was just text the page could scroll down freely and not be confined to a box.

We will see what the client has to say tomorrow!

Ben Waller said...

Thanks for the comments. The pages are designed so that it will enable scrolling and the red bar will just be at the bottom of each page. We had problems with the first designs due to the curve at the left hand side but we won't have that problem with these.

Craig Allington said...

For such a few links I think it looks good to have top navigation.

However on you third image I don't think having so many different colour changes, yellow to red to white to red to yellow etc. looks as good as your second design. The navigation seems to flow a lot more on the second design instead of stopping every 2px.

Chris Towell said...

I have to agree with Rich I prefer the second due to the lack of red. I think they are all god designs I actually (having looked again) prefer the first design now. It looks quite a tidy site.

I think that yellow text on red background (for links) is better than white text on red I thought it was a bit hard to read.

I think the 3 column layout is a good layout to use for this website.

DREW said...

I like the designs you have produced, I hope my feedback isn't too late. My favourite is definatley the third design the use of the top navigation is better then the side one and also because you have used red as the background your eye is drawn to it faster than when you have used yellow.

Also the layout in the third design is simpler and nicer to look at with the enlarged imaged.

Mirhad Kalabic said...

I think I have to agree with most of the other people on this one Ben. Number two by far seems the best choice. There are not many links on the page and the menu system on the first design just doesn’t seem right to be honest. The menu in number three is my favorite but with the page layout of number two.

This is the kind of stuff I think designers have to put up with from clients on a daily basis. "I like this, but with this" and "looks great but how about this". Right pain, I know.

Seriously though the second idea is the one I’d go for.

Ben Waller said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. I feel the second design is probably the most appropriate. I think like Mirhad says the third design navigation would probably look better so this is something that we will have to talk about in our next team meeting.