Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Deadline day!!!

After spending the majority of today tinkering with the assignment and making several minor changes I am quietly confident about handing in my first project tomorrow.

I’m sure that it will feel like a huge weight is lifted off me when I hand in the assignment as this is the first one. It has however been quite enjoyable and the experience that I have gained during this assignment will hopefully stand me in good stead for the two assignments that are approaching. Factors such as Weekly Planning Forms and working in PageMaker are slowly becoming second nature to me now and that is definitely beneficial for future assignments.

Trying to sort out what I need to include on my CD that I hand in tomorrow has also been quite a challenge. As we only need to include the work that we are handing in on the CD it has really all been about filtering out the work that is not needed. This was quite difficult at times because many of my file names looked pretty similar especially my picture names. To avoid this confusion I could have given them all suitable names the first time I saved them but unfortunately this was not the case. The next time I do this I will certainly put more thought into the names of my files so they are easy to identify when it comes to gathering them on the CD when the assignment deadline approaches.

As tonight is the night before the deadline I am going to spend it amongst other things trying to attach the CD containing all my work to the arch lever folder by any means possible! This is due to the fact that if my folder fails the ‘shake test’ then my CD may be lost and this could result in my work not being marked. I am also going to try to hunt down some string so that I can attach the sketchbook to the folder and keep it all together so all in all it is going to be an eventful night!

Hopefully this time tomorrow I will be relaxing after successfully handing in my first assignment to the desired standard!

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