Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Portfolio Design - Final Design with sizes

Following on from my last post here is my final portfolio design. I have decided to keep the reflective text in the banner but have made it much more subtle by altering the opacity on the reflection.


Julian Dyer said...

Have you considered splitting your 'portfolio' page into Print and Web? This may reduce the amount of scrolling that people will have to do, and will allow potential employers to go straight to examples of each.

Ben Waller said...

Thanks for your comments Julian. I was planning on splitting the portfolio into print and web sections on the actual portfolio page of the site.

I did originally consider putting another link in the navigation for print work but decided against it this time. However this is something that I may include in the future when I build up more examples of print work.

Richard said...

I was thinking of puting a CV link in the main links but I thought this may confuse a user.

Would you make a page with you cv on or have it as a .pdf file so a user could print it.

I decided on a pdf in the footer and will also show a link on the contacts page.

Ben Waller said...

For the CV I would just put a brief online version with skills/experience etc and the state contact me for a full CV.

I was going to put a full version as a .pdf but problems with data protection/fraud mean this is probably not a good idea!