Thursday, February 14, 2008

First Draft Portfolio Screen Design

Below is the first iteration of my screen design for the portfolio assignment. I would welcome any feedback you wish to give.


Craig Burgess said...

Would the header be left black? I'm presuming not, but it is difficult to measure the success of the design without any idea of what kind of image would be inserted there. What were you planning on putting in there?

As for your homepage, I think you've got too much text on there like a lot of people have done. People are going to want to view your work in the first instance, and they are going to instantly want to see the best stuff on your homepage. I don't really think you need so much text, even 2 lines would be enough just to briefly explain what the site is about.

I'm not sure I understand the purpose of the small navigation bar in the top right hand corner of the website. It just appears to be a replica of the navigation just a bit further down, so I don't think you need it. I'd get rid of one of them.

Your main navigation also looks a little bit big in proportion to the rest of the page. I think you'll find if you bump the size of the navigation bar down and get rid of the text you'll have a lot more room to play with.

Ben Waller said...

Thanks for your comments Craig. I wasn't planning on inserting an image in the banner in the top of the page but this is something I could develop further.

The design is for the portfolio page of the site because this page will contain the majority of the content. The homepage will contain minimal text with emphasis given towards my work.

The small navigation bar at the top right corner would be for other links such as the restricted area for Steve that will contain all of my work. I was going to include the same links as in the main navigation but I think you are right and this may be unnecessary.

Craig Allington said...

I wouldn't say you necessarily need a image in your header but if your not going to use one I would shrink the size of it down.

It's difficult to comment on without exact sizes on your design but looking at your image it appears that any users viewing the site will almost immediately have to scroll to view any content.

Marc Pugh said...

I also agree. The header is too large. I don't think an image is neccesary if you shrink the header down.

Would the images at the bottom take you to that particular site? or would it change the large one so viewers can see the site before they click on the link.

I think that the dashed white lines would look more consistent with your site if you keep it to one solid single line.

Are the links going to be tabs? or just links with a different coloured background?

Looking good so far though.

Julian Dyer said...

I like the way you have effectivly created tabs by changing the active tab background colour. This will be much easier to make than using the 'sliding doors' technique. Also, the link to a CV is something I think I will put on my next iteration.

Do you think you should separate out the work? Currently you have one 'portfolio' page, but it may get a little long if it was a mix of web and print. Separating the two may be easier for people to look through, especially employees.

Scott Dunwoodie said...

I agree that the header is too big, you could change the black to match the blue, maybe a tonal value of the one you have already.

I would suggest you enlarged the Design Portfolio text to align with your name, which would make it more pleasing on the eye.

Or in fact to design a logo, which has been mentioned on other peoples comments. I realise that this will take some time to construct, so you may have not had time yet.

I agree with Craig that the Navigation looks a bit large, you could also shrink the main text area down to make the images larger.

Craig Burgess said...

I think you're missing a golden opportunity to make an impact if you leave the header black Ben.