Thursday, April 12, 2007

Busy in the break!!!

I have quite enjoyed having the little break from the work so far but after spending the first week relaxing and not really doing much I have decided to dedicate a large chunk of the next two weeks to getting things done.

I stated before I went into the break that when I came back into college I wanted to have everything to do with the style guide finished allowing me to focus solely on the design of the CD when I return. This is still something that I would like to have done but bearing in mind just how much work that has to go into this I may not be able to get it as complete as I would like, this is why I have decided to spend quite a lot of time on it during the remainder of the break so I can get as much done as possible.

Over the last couple of days I have spent quite a bit of time creating the rules for my corporate identity such as my corporate font, corporate colours and logo usage. This has then allowed me to make a start on the other things which will go into the style guide by using these rules. At the bottom of this entry are a few rough business cards that I have come up with and I would welcome any comment that you wish to give.

So I can certainly see myself being really busy over this next couple of weeks and hopefully I will be in a good position when we all return on April 25th!

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J.Milsom said...

I was hoping to get through a fair bit of work these holidays, but it was easy for me to say it, and it's been tough sticking to it unfortunatly. But I'm still hoping to get a fair bit of work done.

With your business card ideas, I do really like the vertical one you have done. It stands out, and it's differant from the quite frequently used horizontal. Good Work