Thursday, March 15, 2007

The big one!!!

This week saw the arrival of the new assignment “A7 The Fax of Life”. I find it very hard to believe that this is our final major project of the year and time has certainly flown by!

It has been quite a relief to start a new assignment and forget about the stresses of last week. My first impressions of the assignment were that it seemed to be quite a lot larger to what we have been accustomed to, however, if you take into consideration the fact that both college days and all of our self study is going to be focused on this project it seems a lot more manageable. I do feel quite prepared for this assignment due to the fact that Steve has spent the majority of the week in college thoroughly going through things and clearing up all the issues. I feel that this has really benefited me and I have been able to compile a lot of notes and highlight the key points which will be good to refer to as the assignment progresses.

I have decided to do quite a bit of research into this assignment before I start any creative work as I want to be able to create better designs when I eventually come round to doing them. I have found the Storm Thorgerson site quite inspiring as he designs anything from CD covers to Logo’s which is extremely relevant to this assignment.

On Wednesday former student Marc Bowers also gave us a visit to let us know how he coped with the course and how he has found work since leaving. I feel that by occasionally having former students visit is a real confidence booster and it lets you see that all the hard work will eventually be worth it. This was something that Marc really wanted to put across in his presentation and he felt that he would have been able to achieve much better grades if he would have put a little more time and effort in. This is something that I will definitely try to be wary of as I want to be able to achieve the best grades possible. Marc has however found himself a good job which he is very happy with, as I have had the experience of having to go to work everyday to a job that I really didn’t like this is something that I will ultimately strive for.

One site that Marc said that he used was Graduate Link and he actually found out about his current job on this website. I was quite surprised to see that the majority of jobs were not really fussed whether you had a HND or a Degree and this would certainly make me think twice about doing a top up year as I had originally planned.


Marc Pugh said...

Some of Storm Thorgersons work is really inspiring. Have u had a look at Gigers work before? It's not exactly relevent to what we are doing, but some of the work is very inspiring. He must of spent days on some of that work and in the end it's payed off. I feel that it's the same with us. If we put the effort into it then we will succeed in the end.

Jason said...

I believe the "Taken By Storm" exhibition is going to be in Bath in August. Not that that's probably information that'll prove useful...

Dean said...

The Storm Thorgerson site has some very weird designs on it that I think could be relevant to this assignment.

It does look like he just got Photoshop for Christmas though and is playing around even though these were designed well before the Adobe generation.

Jamie Wood said...

Ben I agree about some of the jobs that where on offer to students, who either had a degree or an HND.