Thursday, December 14, 2006

Everything falling into place!!!

Even though our assignments need to be handed in this time next week I feel that this week has been quite relaxed. I think that this is due to the fact that last week I realised just how close we are to the deadline and spent quite a lot of time on both assignments in my self study. This was extremely beneficial as it allowed me to just gather everything together so that everything was in order and ready for our group discussion on Thursday. I feel that because of this I then received better feedback which will enable me to improve on both assignments. I believe that the next time I am in this situation it will be a good approach to take and I will certainly try to do this again.

Thursday’s group feedback meeting was also the last time that our current group will be together. I think that it is quite a shame that this group is being broken up because I feel that we have worked quite well together and I think that the fact that we have been so well organised and seem to have everything in order is down to being in such a close knit group. I am however looking forward to working with other people in the group who I have not really interacted with as much.

I finally finished the image restoration work on Thursday afternoon and this is a real relief as this time last week I thought I would never be able to complete it. With the guidance I got from Steve in last week’s feedback meeting I had a much clearer understanding of what I should be trying to achieve and I am quite happy with the end product (Images of original and finished image at bottom of entry). Because of this I am now much more confident in Photoshop and if I were to do this again I am sure that I would be able to do it more effectively and quicker.

So this week is really going to be focused on tying up a few loose ends so that I am ready to hand everything in next Thursday. Hopefully this time I will be able to get everything completed to the required standard so that when we start next semester I will be able to focus solely on our new assignments.


Craig Burgess said...

Nice work on the restoration Ben, it looks pretty good.I'm starting to wish that we had a fake deadline last week as the loom of a deadline always gets me to work harder.

Anonymous said...

Good man!

A positive attitude to redoing a task – seeing, and reaping, the benefits of it – rather than moaning about it. There’s one or two in the group that could learn a lot from that kind of attitude.

It was also noticeable that your submission standard assignment was one of the most complete of the day – so you got full value in the feedback groups. A testament to the hard graft you put in this week. The trick is to maintain that degree of effort now!

J.Milsom said...

The image restoration is great, it looks very impressive with the dull colours rather than trying to use brighter colours like a few, brilliant

Marc Pugh said...

A very good effort. I think it looks a lot better than your firsst one. You seem to of cracked the brightness and contrast levels this time around.

I am also starting to work a lot more now I know that the deadline is upon us, although I feel like I should have this much motivity all the way through the assignment. Knowing that the deadline is coming sort of gives me a kick up the rear.

Chris Towell said...

It is a really good effort. I don't know how I'm ever going to get my photo restoration finished to be honest I don't even think it'll be finished for next christmas.

Hopefully it will be though as everything else is done.

DREW said...

Yeah I know what you mean, I haven't finished editing my text yet. I've found that some points I need to delete are parts where I refer to extra research, so I guess I'll just have to reference these in my sketchbook.

That picture you have done in Photoshop is well good, I'm jealous of your new skills.